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16th January 2019

The Somer Valley Foodbank is still providing an excellent service to the local area, thanks to the generosity of local people.  People can be re-assured that the foodbank is using their donations well according to a report from the Trussell Trust.  Here is the summary report from that visit…….

The trustees are very passionate and actively concerned to ensure good governance of the project along with its continued excellent service to the people in crisis in the area, and should take time to celebrate the work and achievements of the foodbank.

The warehouse operation continues to be superbly run and is a credit to those who oversee it as well as every volunteer that gives their time. It continues to benefit from the excellent experience of its team.

Opening a centre in Paulton is a very positive step for the foodbank and a reflection of their continuing commitment meet the needs of their clients.  Volunteers are specifically not from the local church to provide a greater degree of anonymity. The team are very skilled at putting clients at ease and quickly building rapport. They should really be commended for their passion and dedication to assisting those in crisis, which they clearly do extremely well.

Somer Valley Foodbank continues to be very well managed. Food supplies are still healthy and the foodbank has coped with an increase in demand.  Volunteers are very engaged and the team has a good understanding of where new volunteers will be needed.  The management team is committed to reviewing how they serve those in need in their area and develop and improve services where they are needed. The main priority in the coming year is that of succession planning to ensure continuity of service as the foodbank is entirely volunteer run.

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