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16th January 2019

Here are the latest statistics for the use of the foodbank

Vouchers Report

Number of vouchers fulfilled 106 (November 63 )
Adults fed 175 (November 108)
Children fed 155 (November 90)
Total fed 330 (November 198)

Since 01 January 2018 the Foodbank has fulfilled 761 vouchers and fed 1238 Adults and 1132 Children – Total of 2370 Fed

Vouchers by Ward

Top 4 Vouchers Adults Children Total
Radstock 27 44 43 87
Peasedown St John 15 22 30 52
Unknown 14 20 23 43
Paulton 14 23 11 34

Since 01 January 2018 the following are the top 6 wards for vouchers fulfilled – Radstock, Peasedown St John, MSN Redfield, MSN North, Paulton and Westfield 

Crisis Type

The following are the reasons for the crises shown on vouchers during December 2018

Crisis Total People Affected
Low Income 163
Benefit Changes 67
Benefit Delays 30
Debt 20
Child Holiday Meals 18

Since 01 January 2018 the main reason for the issue of vouchers and the amount of people affected are Low Income 894, Benefit Delays 356, Benefit Changes 294, Debt 254, Child Holiday Meals 195 and Other 174 


Referral Agencies Report

The following agencies have issued the most vouchers during December 2018

DHL Online 26
Radstock Children’s Centre 10
Welfare Support Team BANES 10
Somer Valley East Team – Health Visitors 8
Somer Valley West Team – Health Visitors 8

Since 01 January 2018 the Agencies who have issued the most vouchers are DHL Online, Welfare Support Team Banes, Somer Valley West Team – Health Visitors,  CAB, Bath Probation Service, and Radstock Children’s Centre 

Stock Donors and Stock in Report

Food Donation

We have received a total of 18,018.8 kilos of food during December 2018

Normal 5159KG


Tesco – 7888.05KG

Sainsbury’s – 592.9KG

Radco Co-op– 409.9KG

One Stop Shop – 19.9KG

Co-op Peasedown – 12.2KG

Co-op Chilcompton – 1.6KG





Harvest 3178KG
Christmas 14.5KG
Other 742.7KG

A total of 73 churches/individuals/organisations have donated food to the Food bank during December 2018.

Since the Food bank started to collect food in our Warehouse a total of 95145.01 kilos of food has been collected

Stock Distributions Report

Distribution Centres

The following shows the quantity of food distributed during December 2018.

Distributor Weight Kg
Peasedown St John Methodist 4946.1
Midsomer Norton Salvation Army 4168.3
Radstock St Nicholas Tea Rooms 3975.2
Paulton Methodist 1271.9
Damaged/Out of Date 310.6

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